"Tucked away in the corner of a lonely server is a quaint little NPC town, so remote that it has never interacted with human players. The Townsfolk go about their lives in harmony and all is well in the virtual world... well... sort of..."


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The seedings shop is now open!  :) Click on the link below to check it out! Right now it’s just got two logo shirts, but more is on the way soon!!

Buy the Seed!

The Seedlings Public Server is LIVE!  :D

Just go to the Multiplayer area in your Minecraft browser, click Add Server, and in the Server Address slot put in: mc.seedlingsshow.com

Have Fun!

First GT, next the WORLD!

The first two episodes of Seedlings are now online at www.gametrailers.com! Be sure and check them out if you haven’t already!


Seedlings is a narrative series made using the video game Minecraft. New episodes coming out very soon!



Justin Yngelmo
Ian Hinck
Jon Finger



AJ LoCascio
as Mark

Douglas Thornton
as Sammy and Mayor

Tamara Bruketta
as Rosaura

Ed Crasnick
as Dr. Theodore
and Planter Thaddeus

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